In 2023, IFJ PAN PPSS programme will start on July, 10th and end on August, 4th. It will be divided in two parts: common for all participants (one week) and individual (three weeks).

This year the programme will be in-person only! All participants are expected to come to Krakow, Poland for the full duration of the programme.

First part (common)

The first part consists of a series of lectures and classes (all held in English). The goal is to introduce the participants to the basics of particle physics, research methodology and statistical data analysis.

A tentative programme of the first week:

Second part (individual)

The second part of the PPSS programme lasts three weeks and is devoted to work on an individual project. Participants collaborate in small groups (usually in pairs) under tutor's supervision.

The following categories of projects are planned:

Topics of the projects from previous editions can be found in History (up to 2017 edition, all lectures, classes and student presentations were in Polish)

The topics of the projects will be chosen from a list that will be distributed a week before start of programme. A possibility of discussing the topics with the supervisors is foreseen during the first days of programme. The participants will choose their first, second and third preference. The final decision about the assignment to topics will be taken by the organisers and announced at the end of the common part.